A small introduction

What you will find on this page

I’m excited to give you travel journals with plenty of pictures, recipes, DIY tutorials, gardening experiences, language and expat life hacks, maybe some movie or music posts and special appearances by cats (because I love the little rascals).

My story

Almost 8 months since I have arrived from my home in Romania to the beautiful region of Granada. Why? Searching for happiness, a new inspiration, searching for myself… Maybe needing a vacation too much lately.


Why Spain? Because jam√≥n and because the rain here stays mainly on the plain, or so I’ve heard somewhere. I have moved to Lecrin in the Valley of Joy – Valle de la Alegr√≠a and already explored some of its beauty, but this is only the beginning.

I am lucky enough to have a head start with this big change because I am not alone in this experience and I already had new friends to make and insight about the life here. But accommodating still takes time, I have exciting projects and goals ahead of me and each interaction, each day and each experience teach me something new.

Having this blog is my personal journal and documentation, but I am also very eager to share my experiences and some of the little joys in my life.

Feel free to leave comments and ask anything!



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