Third trimester of my first pregnancy: The Shapeshifter

So, I got to the Alien: Resurrection phase of this wonderful journey. While I haven’t yet seen a clear outline of a foot or a hand trying to push out of my belly, I am getting close to that point. After a very fussy first trimester and a relaxed second trimester, I am close to the final stretch (quite literally, lol).

How am I doing? Rather good. My body is doing a good job adapting to my shape-shifting and mentally I am surprisingly zen and under control. When I found out I was pregnant, the very first feeling was that the clock is ticking and claustrophobically closing down to the moment that my life will change for ever. Pretty dramatic, right? I wouldn’t have thought that one day I would be impatient about the birth. But I can honestly say that I can’t wait to meet my little girl.

Weight gain: Orca is my spirit animal

Growing in size was exponential in these last months. I have reached the recommended gain interval, which I was worrying about much too soon before. I have noticed a decrease in appetite and lost interest in food. Lately I also lost interest in cooking, so I guess my body puts other things first.

… But not sleep

I’ve been having a lot of nights of insomnia and sleeping in till noon afterwards. Whether it was worrying about the preparations or just ruminating all kinds of emotions, I had some trouble getting rest. I’m sure that moms who read this cringe at the waste of sleep I’m guilty of, because everybody tells me to enjoy rest while I can. Somehow, I feel that I am training for the sleepless nights and that gives me comfort. What I dislike about this stage of the pregnancy is that I have hip and leg pain at night, plus random abdominal cramping. It is quite scary, because premature labor is also a worry, but do expect it. The body is preparing for potential trauma and it needs to open up joints that seemed very fixed until now, like the hips. Ouch.

Call it babymoon

Even if it is such an instagrammy thing to say, I will consider the last travels I had as our baby moon. We visited Romania and met with family and friends, and I walked a lot while in Bucharest, because there were plenty of things to take care of before coming back. Moving around was great and I could finally do it without melting under the Andalusian sun.

I had a great birthday and enjoyed a few more days of summer in Málaga, a city I definitely recommend visiting. As you can tell, my pregnancy didn’t really get in the way of anything, I was lucky enough to be healthy and enjoy traveling and being active. If you want to see a few pictures of the trip, visit my Instagram page, I have picked the prettiest ones for you.


I made most of the preparations for the baby’s arrival and I think I am mentally ready for the birth. The Spanish medical system is reliable and of high standard and I feel very safe knowing that any pregnant woman has the right to get free medical care here. Starting next week I will also attend a three session birth class held by the local clinic, so I am getting some welcome extra support before the big moment. Also, watching birth videos helps me feel like I am not alone and to get a clearer idea of how it’s gonna be.

With only 4 weeks until my due date, I made sure to pack my hospital bag, to buy everything I needed for at least the first months and prepare the house for receiving a baby. I will write in more detail what the actual preparations meant, in the hope that it will help other moms too.

Emotional feelings and feelingy emotions

Above all this, I do realize that there is very little time left until we meet our daughter. I am baffled just by imagining that moment! The fact that I already love a person I have never met and that we will be each other’s center of the universe is overwhelming.

I’m really glad my mom will be here to support me, because she is the most selfless and dedicated person I know and I couldn’t have a better role model for mom hood.

It’s true that most of my time and energy are directed towards the baby’s arrival, but I do some effort not to make it the only thing that I talk or think about. Hopefully, my boyfriend, friends and family are not yet bored to death by all the baby talk and that I will manage to keep an active social and personal life after the birth.

This was a summary of my third trimester so far, I am curious of your own experiences or expectations. Hopefully, I will get to tell you more about the birth preparations soon!