First trimester of my first pregnancy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not long after I started this blog, with new enthusiasm and a promise to post twice a week, I found out I was pregnant. A very happy surprise, since it wasn’t planned, only… well, not avoided. Since then, I’ve been documenting my first pregnancy as well as I can, but without going overboard. In fact, this is the philosophy I applied so far: not to overdo it, not letting the FOMO get to me and just taking it easy.

Here are some thoughts and experiences I had in the first 3 months of the pregnancy. I have been reading a lot about it and using some great resources, like the Ovia Pregnancy app and the Baby Center app. I recommend enjoying your own experience, as every pregnancy is unique. Don’t ever compare yourself to others, it only brings unhelpful thoughts to your mind.

The Nausea

I had the literal morning sickness, it did not expand over the day. Some mornings would require a trip to the bathroom, others just left me feel crappy for a couple of hours.

Pregnancy nausea is surprisingly… surprising. You don’t really have time to run, prepare and set a romantic mood. I kind of wanted to be close to a trash bin or toilet for the first part of the day, which is a weird thing to wish for. It’s strongly associated with smell. Or, better said…

The Super Smell

I could detect really faint smells and I was most happy when others were super late to notice them. I felt like a teenager that could hear high-pitched sounds while hanging out with older people who are deaf to them. Of course, the downside of this is that the world rarely smells pretty, it mostly smells shitty. …And we were in Bucharest for my first trimester, which is a city full of atrocious, offending aromas.

The Boobs

What can I say? The boob fairy was generous. I am still delighted by this new change, the only down side being that they felt super tender. Activities like running require extra thought in the logistics department: it’s imperative that you buy a good, supporting bra. Or you can run while hanging onto your boobs, because other people in the park will not consider that weird at all…

The Napping

Naps were magical. I felt super sleepy all the time. Not having to go to work in an office was a huge advantage for me. I truly don’t know how I would’ve managed the doziness, especially since the coffee intake is now restricted.

This sleepiness, combined with the horror of hanging out with tipsy people when sober, made going out a little weird. If we happened to stay out late (11-12 p.m. – the “old people late”), I would suddenly be sleepy. As much as I adore my friends, in those moments the only thing I wanted was to go home and jump in my pajamas. And if that didn’t happen instantly, I would turn into a demonic bitch from hell. Nothing would cheer me up except going to bed, everything else just made my mood worse.

The Mood Swings

This is, by far, the worst symptom I had during the first trimester. It also caught me off guard, as it did with the people close to me, because it is not mentioned so often when talking about pregnancy. Cravings, nausea and other stereotypical symptoms are much more manageable.

I am lucky to have an understanding family, friends who love me and a boyfriend that went through an emotional war zone and still supported me.

My advice is try to understand yourself and identify those moments when your hormones are taking over. Also, remember that your partner might also be nervous, scared and vulnerable and he needs your support. Let yourself enjoy the happy moments and be more tolerant, even if you feel like you’re entitled to be less tolerant because of your new status.

The Spirituality

Between vomiting in trash bins and yelling at my boyfriend, I felt truly happy with this new status. I am not a religious person, not even a spiritual one. I am tightly anchored into the practical side of life, but being pregnant makes me feel amazing.

The intricate system of life emerging, our amazing bodies achieving incredible things, the way we transform and adapt around this little seedling is truly awe-inspiring. And this feeling helps me fight stress, because I remind myself that no one is ever prepared for welcoming a baby, there will always be challenges and things we cannot provide, but as long as you embrace this inner happiness it brings, everything comes naturally.

Let me know in the comment section about your own experience: what were your highs and lows? Until the next time!

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